Monday, 8 April 2013

An amazing testimonial from recent clients:

I am extremely pleased to provide this testimonial for Sarah of Sarah's wedding services. Sarah was a great help to us both when we were trying to plan our wedding amidst a sea of themes, ideas, crafts, magazines, books and incessant 'Googling' as well as her unswerving support on the day itself.
Sarah provided an excellent support to both of us throughout the planning process, and was a real pillar of strength when the inevitable 'hiccups' begain to occur as we got closer to the day. Sarah came to visit us at our home on several occasions to understand our needs and requirements, and each time she visited, we were always impressed with her professionalism, her understanding of our wedding, and how she really 'got us' and what we wanted. Sarah very much kept us on track and assisted us with organising activities and ensuring we hadn't missed any crucial elements to our big day.

Sarah was approachable, friendly, extremely knowledgeable and professional throughout our wedding planning process, and I couldn't have asked for more: she was very much a confidant to my inner bridezilla, and helped to coach me through some very challenging times with the venue we had chosen to get married in, which resulted in my not making a hasty decision and relocating my wedding two weeks before the big event!

Sarah's support on our wedding day cannot be accurately decsribed in words, and I genuinely do not feel that I would have had such a serene, calming, relaxing day if I hadn't had her there to organise everything on my behalf. Sarah ensured that all suppliers were coordinated, that the tables were correctly decorated, that I and my bridesmaids were happy and fed and watered, and that my guests arrived and were also comfortable and happy.

Sarah kept me well informed throughout the day without giving me any cause to worry, being the OCD wedding obsessed bride that I was, setting my mind at ease was no mean feat, yet Sarah managed to instill in me a confidence that my wedding was very much safe in her hands. Sarah was every bit as passionate about my wedding day as I was, which that was extremely important to me. Sarah ensured that the wedding venue (who were somewhat 'laidback') were on the ball, and delivered as agreed on all elements of our day.

One of the loveliest elements Sarah managed to find for our wedding day were our wedding band, who we just absolutely ADORED, and who, as well as being the most brilliant musicians, were just wonderful people, who we were so pleased to be able to share our day with. Again i think that this is testament to Sarah very much being able to understand both the brief of our wedding and us as a couple.

I should also add that Sarah managed to undertake all this great work (the bluckof which was on our wedding day itself) in 4 inch heels and being 8 months pregnant! In short, I cannot thank Sarah enough for her fantastic wedding planning service, and I almost want to get married all over again just so I can see Sarah again!

Many, many thanks.
Michelle & Raimon Hartley.

Married August 2012

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